First Week

Rune Castle Event - 21 December
June 30, 2022

In order to invite more players and clans in our server, we decided to make an event over Rune Castle's siege with a huge real money reward - 200 Euros.

All clans can participate in this event, doesn't matter how big the clan is, if they manage to keep Rune Castle their leader will be rewarded with the prize. You can receive the reward - 200 Euro - with various payment methods...

Second Week

Eternal Sin is Back!
Play in the best server interlude of 2022.Eternal Sin was launch in  2004 and it's back again ! The opening is scheduled to November 2 of 2022 We are ready to make story...
24 September, 2022
Welcome to Lineage 2 Eternal Sin
After many months of hard work, we are proudly presenting Lineage 2 Eternal Sin that will launch this year, on Wednesday 2th of November! We guarantee, you will have fun i...
30 June, 2022
Open Beta Test Event
Open Beta Test is schedules to start on 30st of September, at 20:00 UTC-3 so everyone can check the stability of our server but also search for any bugs or issues. Server will b...
30 June, 2022

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